Preserving rattan

There are two causes of mold and moisture in bamboo and rattan products: due to inadequate pre-processing or humidity of the environment.

To keep them durable, you should do the following:

– When buying, bring in 1-2 sun exposure to dry and bactericidal map.

– More thorough, disinfecting spray before use to kill all mold, weevils in the product. Note that disinfectant sprays are harmful to health, so when spraying must be in a large open area, then cover the product within 24-48 hours.

– To prevent the product from contact with water and chemicals, a glass sheet can be used to cover the table. For large items such as tables and chairs, the legs of rattan chairs should be covered with two-component epoxy glue

– In case of using and detecting a termite, there are two solutions as follows:

+ Soak in muddy water for about 1 day. Then rinse and dry in the sun until your rattan is very dry. This way people in the West and the Central use the most. Just sink things into ponds, lakes, rivers, canals.

+ If you can’t find the mud, soak it in water, add a little vinegar (the amount of vinegar is optional). Soak for 1 day and dry in the sun until it is very dry, then coat with glossy paint.

– Should paint again after 1 year of use. If you like color, you can paint oil (or PU paint). Oil paints, varnishes and PU paints also work to protect rattan furniture, minimizing the ability to attack by weevils.

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